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Are you looking for Wheel Alignment for your vehicle?

Do you know that misaligned car wheels can severely affect the car handling stability and cause frequent tyre wear?

Hence, automobile experts recommend opting for a routine wheel alignment check to ensure you remain safe on the roads.

We at A1 Tyres Cambridge offer this service at market-best rates. Our experts are well-versed with the innovations in the automobile industry and deliver efficient wheel alignment Cambridge within the least possible waiting time.

Hence, end your 'wheel alignment near me' searches and come to us!

We are at 24 Cheddars Lane, Cambridge, CB5 8LD.

What are the common causes of wheel misalignment?

Some of the most common causes of wheel misalignment are:

  • Driving over curbs and potholes at high speeds can negatively affect the wheels, causing misalignment.
  • Worn-out or damaged suspension components can lead to misaligned car wheels.

What are the symptoms of misaligned car wheels?

Generally, your car will exhibit the following warning signs if the wheels are not aligned:

  • Frequent and uneven tyre wear
  • Vehicle drifting in one direction even while moving in a straight path
  • Odd vibrations in the steering wheel
  • A sudden increase in fuel consumption and more

If you encounter these symptoms, make sure to opt for wheel alignment checks Cambridge to steer clear of further complications and avoid hefty service bills down the line.

About our wheel alignment service

Our experts use advanced sensors and digital cameras to check the three-wheel angles:


It refers to a car’s angle cornering its verticals. The outward tilt of the tyres from the centre is known as positive camber. On the other hand, if the tyres tilt inward from the centre, we call it negative camber. Both improper positive and negative camber can lead to wheel misalignment issues.


It is the angle of the steering axis as seen from the side. Improper caster alignments can affect the handling and cornering precision of the vehicle.


Toe angle refers to the inward or outward tilt of the wheel when seen from a bird’s eye view. Improper toe adjustments can make the car drift to a side despite moving on a straight path.

The detailed inspection of the wheel angles helps our experts understand the area of the issue. Following this, we re-align the car wheels to their original make.

Further, we have a fair pricing policy and ensure you do not pay additional charges while opting for our services.

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