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Are you looking for Batteries for your vehicle?

Optimally functioning car batteries help seamlessly start your vehicle. They convert chemical energy to electrical energy essential to crank the engine. A battery also ensures that other vehicle components like the lights, wipers, stereo or GPS work without lag.

So, vehicular experts recommend opting for routine checking of your car batteries. Therefore, if you notice signs of malfunctioning batteries, contact us at A1 Tyres Cambridge for car batteries repair and replacement Cambridge at the earliest. Here our technicians with hands-on experience use state-of-the-art technology to inspect battery components like:

  • Battery Fluid
  • Terminals
  • Charging System
  • Cables And Wires, etc.

Contact us at a1tyres@yahoo.co.uk or 01223660452 now for end-to-end assistance from our experts.

Symptoms of a faulty car battery

It would be best if you kept an eye out for the warning signs of a damaged car battery, such as:

  • Difficulty with the ignition system
  • A slower engine crank
  • Pungent odours from leaked battery fluids
  • Bloated battery case
  • Engine misfiring
  • Clicking sound when turning the key

If you notice any of these issues, visit us immediately at 24 Cheddars Lane, Cambridge, CB5 8LD. After conducting a thorough inspection, we offer OE-grade replacements if necessary.

Causes of premature car battery damage

Several reasons can lead to your vehicle’s battery malfunctioning, including:

  • Your car has excessive electrical accessories
  • Wrongly fitted batteries in the vehicle
  • Dirty battery cable
  • Loose Wirings
  • Improperly adjusted battery cables
  • Continuous electrical drainage
  • Prolonged exposure to the weather extremities
  • Keeping the headlight on for a long time

How often should car batteries be checked?

Although premium quality batteries of well-maintained cars can continue functioning for almost five years, these products generally last for around three years. So, our experts suggest getting battery check-ups every three years.

Unchecked car battery issues can lead to hefty service and repair charges in the long run. Other than offering cost-effective, prompt solutions to the faults, our experts can also help you choose an appropriate battery model for your vehicle.

So, stop searching for ‘car battery replacement near me’ and contact us today!

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