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Are you looking for Winter Wheels for your vehicle?

When you hit the roads during the chillier months, it is always beneficial to switch to winter wheels to ensure optimum car control. At A1 Tyres Cambridge, we stock a wide range of winter wheels Cambridge at an affordable price range. From us, you can purchase different-sized wheels compatible with cars of different makes and models.

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Which kind of winter wheel should you get for your vehicle?

We stock both alloy and steel winter wheels here at our facility. Depending on your driving conditions, either of these variants can be the better choice to meet your vehicular requirements. So, refer to the section below for the pros and cons of the two variants and make an informed decision making the tyre purchase.

Alloy wheels:


  • Because of their lightweight structures, alloy wheels have lower rolling resistance. So, your car enjoys an improved fuel economy.
  • This lightweight construction ensures no excessive pressure on the suspension system.
  • Different stylistic alternatives are available for alloy wheels. Consequently, your car’s aesthetic appeal increases significantly. It can also positively impact the resell value of your vehicle.


  • The lightweight structure makes these wheels easily susceptible to damages caused by minor impacts.
  • Alloy rims are particularly high-cost.
  • Repairing an alloy wheel can be an extremely costly affair.

Steel wheels:


  • The robust structure of these wheels offers them a prolonged product lifespan. The durability of these products ensures they can withstand minor impacts without getting damaged.
  • If you manoeuvre a heavy-duty vehicle, these wheels are a reliable option.
  • These products are budget-friendly alternatives and are easily repairable.


  • The heavyweight construction of the steel wheel rims leads to the car’s suspension system bearing substantial pressure.
  • This heavyweight nature of these products also results in a higher rolling resistance, increasing your car’s fuel consumption level.
  • Available in limited styles and designs, there is no room for aesthetic variety with steel wheels.

It is always beneficial to consult with our autobody experts and get their recommendations when choosing winter wheels for your vehicle.

So, stop searching for ‘winter wheels near me’ and visit us today at 24 Cheddars Lane, Cambridge, CB5 8LD. We are happy to help you!

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