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A faulty suspension system will adversely affect vehicle handling stability and make it susceptible to several on-road accidents. Hence, automobile experts recommend a routine suspension check to avoid such complications.

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A1 Tyres Cambridge has you covered with its comprehensive suspension service Cambridge. We use the most advanced tools and technologies to identify the cause of the issue and offer prompt solutions within a minimum turnaround time.

Why is an optimally functioning suspension system important?

The suspension system helps maintain handling stability. The functions include:

  • It enhances the tyre-road contact and facilitates optimal steering control.
  • The suspension rings sustain the heavy car chassis weight.
  • The shock absorbers in a suspension system reduce jerks and ensure an uncompromised driving experience on rough terrains.

What are the symptoms of a malfunctioning suspension system?

Some of the tell-tale signs of a failing suspension system are as follows:

  • Steering drifts in one direction
  • Poor cornering precision
  • Greasy shock absorbers
  • Increased jerks while driving over rough terrains
  • One side of the car sits lower than the other side while in resting position

If you come across any of the symptoms mentioned above, make sure to opt for a suspension service Cambridge to steer clear of further complications and avoid hefty service bills in the long run.

About our suspension service

Our technicians will thoroughly check all suspension system components before providing a solution. This inspection includes a comprehensive check of the following:

  • Struts
  • Linkages
  • Springs
  • Dampers
  • Steering Column
  • Bushings
  • Shock Absorbers

Nevertheless, it is impossible to repair damaged or worn-out suspension parts. Hence, we stock OE-grade spares for top-notch replacement solutions. We have OE grade spares for every vehicle make and model and offer them at a reasonable price.

Further, our fair pricing policy makes us one of the most sought-after destinations for any car service. Our costs are free of hidden charges, and we ensure that you only pay what we quote.

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