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Are you looking for Inner Tubes for your vehicle?

Does your vehicle have conventional tyres?

Inner tubes are essential to ensure the tyres have proper structural support, balance and a comfortable driving experience.

Here at A1 Tyres Cambridge, we offer a massive stock of inner tubes Cambridge at market-best rates. Further, our experts deliver comprehensive assistance in selecting the correct inner tube based on factors such as wheel diameter, valve type, etc.

What are inner tubes?

A conventional vehicle tyre does not have an air-tight connection like those in tubeless tyres. An inner tube consists of an inflatable ring that fits in the tyre casing and holds air. A valve is attached to the inner tube for inflating and deflating the tube. It offers adequate structural support to the tyres when they roll.

Note: Keep in mind that inner tubes have either a Presta Valve or a Schrader Valve. So, it is necessary to choose the correct variant of inner tube per vehicle specifications and driving needs.

Inner tubes usually have two types of constructions:

Butyl rubber tubes

These are widely used tubes. They are affordable and easily repairable using a standard puncture repair kit. Nevertheless, these are heavy and increase the rolling resistance of tyres.

Latex tubes

These inner tubes have a lightweight construction. Due to this, the rolling resistance decreases and fuel efficiency improves. However, they are much more fragile than Butyl rubber tubes.

What size inner tubes must you use?

While deciding on the right inner tube for your respective vehicle model, our experts keep the following factors in mind:

  • Wheel diameter
  • Tyre width

The construction of inner tubes varies with manufacturers. Hence, you should always seek professional assistance to make the right choice.

Come to us at 24 Cheddars Lane, Cambridge, CB5 8LD, and explore our massive collection of inner tubes Cambridge.

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